Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wintertime Picnic

News flash: The sun was shining in Oregon during the winter!

Believe it or not, on Thursday it wasn't raining and the kids were able to play outside. After playing a while they asked if they could have a picnic. Well, it may have been sunny but it was way too cold for a picnic. We decided to have a wintertime picnic indoors. They spread out the blanket and picked out some snacks: strawberries, pretzels, Chex cereal, and orange juice. It was a really fun activity that kept them busy for at least half an hour. Their friend Omar was over visiting with them so he got in on the winter picnic action too.

Emily loved having a picnic indoors. She said that everyone thinks picnics are best in the summer but winter picnics are better "because you don't get all sweaty in the heat." Very wise.

Mason ate about 10 big strawberries. I bought them at Costco earlier that day and they were perfectly sweet and ripe. The strawberries made it feel even more like summer in the middle of winter.

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