Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Help with our baby boy's name

I need your help! With less than 6 weeks until my due date, we still haven't decided on a name. Naming a child is one of the hardest decisions and a huge responsibility and I'm really struggling with what the right name is.

We have narrowed it down to a few favorites, although I keep thinking of other names that I like too.

Here are our top two choices for our baby boy's name right now:
Ryan Thomas
Jonathan Thomas

I also like some other names: Connor, Ethan, Braden, Charlie, Andrew.

The middle name will most likely either be Thomas or Michael.

Tell me what your favorite name is. I honestly don't have a favorite right now and I'm hoping that someone will convince me of what the right choice is.

Leave a comment below with your input. Thanks!


Amanda said...

I really like Ryan Thomas. I also really like Charlie. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Ethan Michael

Anonymous said...

ethan michael... the other two really depend on your last name

Anonymous said...

I like Ryan Thomas or Andrew Michael

Anonymous said...

I like Braden Thomas

Anonymous said...

I think Andrew or Ethan go the best with your other kids' names. They are all good names though. GL!

Anonymous said...

My #1 choice is Ethan Thomas. Jonathon Thomas is too long, Jon Thomas is better (JT). All the names are cool though!

Anonymous said...

Ryan Thomas is great, so is Ethan Michael or Ethan Thomas. Jon Thomas is really nice too--but when you see him, you'll know. Good luck!!

Trina said...

My vote is for Ryan Thomas. I like that name a lot. Can't wait to meet your new little one.

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