Sunday, January 17, 2010

Shopping with kids

Any parents reading this are probably already cringing.

Shopping with kids is never easy and in my infinite wisdom I decided that it would be FUN to take both of the kids to the mall on Friday night since Mike was working late. I had a plan all laid out for our shopping trip. Here's what I envisioned:
Arrive at the mall at 5:00, shop for a new purse at Macy's (thanks to my wonderful parents for the gift card) , check on the Macy's and Gymboree sales on kids clothes, then by 6:00 have dinner at the food court. I figured that we'd be home by 7:00pm. Yeah right!

Here's what really happened:
5:15 - Arrive at the mall.
5:25 - After about 3 minutes of looking at purses, Mason has to go potty.
5:35 - Finally find the Macy's bathroom. Then Emily is starving so we head to the food court.
6:00 - $25 dollars (yikes) later we have pizza & breadsticks for Emily, sub sandwich with extra veggies for Mason, Thai food for me.
6:03 - Emily wants to carry her own tray (big mistake) and proceeds to spill her drink on the floor. Clean up and wonder why I ever thought this was a good idea.
6:10 - Mason has to go potty AGAIN. Pack up all of our food, jackets, etc. and head to the bathroom.
6:20 - Sit down to eat dinner again.
6:35 - Dinner is finished. Pack up and finally hope to get some shopping done. Ride the glass elevator, the highlight of our evening.
6:45 - Stop at Gymboree, find a cute "Girls Rock" shirt that Emily loves.
6:47 - Mason has to use the bathroom AGAIN! Abandon ship at Gymboree and rush to the nearest restroom. Wonder if I was crazy when I planned this shopping trip.
7:00 - Head to Macy's, really irritated but determined to actually accomplish what I came for. Find some great deals in the children's department. Cute stuff for under $10! Then head over to look at purses again.
7:30 - Emily is exhausted and claims she can't walk anymore. (It is almost her bedtime so I shouldn't be irritated but I am anyway.)
7:35 - The kids knock over a display which lands on Mason's head. Crying ensues. I buy a purse as quickly as possible.
7:45 - Practically drag kids out of the mall.
8:05 - Arrive home and tell myself not to ever do this again.

What is it that they say about the best laid plans...?

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