Sunday, January 24, 2010

Valentine's Day craft

Emily was looking for something to do this afternoon so we got started on a craft project for Valentine's Day. Homemade gifts are great for kids - and not only because they don't have any money but also because they feel so proud of themselves when they give something special they have made to their friends and family.

Tissue Paper Flowers
10 sheets of tissue paper
1 pipe cleaner
Stack the tissue paper and cut a 4 inch circle through all ten layers. Then punch a hole in the center with a pencil. Place the end of the pipe cleaner in the hole and fold it over to hold it in place.

Begin with the top layer of tissue paper and scrunch up each layer around the center of the flower.

When all layers have been folded up and scrunched, smooth it out a bit to make it look like a flower. Enjoy!

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