Saturday, January 9, 2010

Breakfast in Bed!

What a great surprise this morning - my kids brought me breakfast in bed.
It was the cutest darn thing ever. About 8:00 (Mike let me sleep a little extra because I've got a cold) Emily carried her pink princess tray up to the bedroom loaded up with two slices of super buttery toast and a nice big glass of ice water. She was very proud of putting the butter on herself and of all the ice cubes in the glass. She kept asking me if the water was cold enough. It wasn't a gourmet breakfast but it was the best I've had in ages because it was made with love (ahhhh...). Then the kids climbed in bed with me, snuggled up and proceeded to eat most of the toast. After that they asked me to make them scrambled eggs and sausage (their favorite breakfast) so my relaxing time was over for the morning.
I am very proud of them, especially Emily since it was her idea, for being thoughtful and bringing me breakfast. Overall I have to say I'm one lucky mom. Hopefully the warm fuzzy feeling will last all day!

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