Sunday, March 28, 2010

Six Degrees of Blogging

I came across a fun way to discover new blogs. Work, wife, mom... life has a meme where you start on your own blog and click on another blog's link. Then you keep clicking through to other blogs until you get to the 6th blog. 

I found a blog called "Deal"ightfully Frugal which has lots of great information about good deals, such as a link to a coupon for 30% off at Old Navy. I printed out a $10 off coupon for the movie Princess and the Frog. That is definitely a great deal! There are also giveaways on this blog. If you're looking for some ways to stay frugal you should check out "Deal"ightfully Frugal. 

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Julia said...

yay! so glad you played!! fun and easy. nice to meet you!! hope to see you again!! :)


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