Friday, March 5, 2010

False Labor, Nausea, Incorrect Due Date and One Long Night

False labor, what could be more frustrating? After 9 months of waiting for my little bundle of joy, my body decided to tease me with contractions last night. Then they stopped. Unfortunately the nausea and vomiting were not so quick to stop.

I woke up with contractions at about midnight Thursday night, then became very ill. I had nausea and vomiting during my labor with Emily so I thought, "Oh no, I guess it isn't true what people say about the third child's labor being easier and faster." 

My contractions were irregular so I waited as long as I could to go to the hospital. At 6am, we dropped the kids off at our neighbor's house. (Thank God for good neighbors!) By the time we got to the hospital I was so dehydrated that they put me on an I.V. and anti-nausea medication, but my darn ol' contractions decided to get lighter and lighter until they stopped coming at all. 

I was hoping that the doctor on-call would just go ahead and put me on pitocin to induce labor (I had to have it with Mason and that was a great labor and delivery) but she would do no such thing. This is where the issue of an incorrect due date comes up. 

Apparently, at my 9 week ultrasound it was found that my due date was actually 5 days later than the estimated date of March 9th. But, and this is a big BUT, no one every told me. I guess it's standard for due dates to fluctuate 3 - 5 days so the ultrasound technician and my doctor must have decided not to mention it to me. Because of that the on-call doctor said that I'm too far from my CORRECT due date to induce labor. 

Well, fine then! So a very disappointed mommy and daddy came home still waiting for their baby to be born. Everyone please keep your fingers crossed, say a prayer, etc. that our little guy arrives healthy, and soon. 

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i know it's hard to wait, but i'm with your dr! i didn't know this until after both my boys were induced and my sil was induced. she was induced 5 days early and her little one ended up with breathing problems and in the nicu. apparently even full term baby boys are more likely to need assistance breathing after birth, and a few more days in the oven might have helped him. looking forward to seeing pictures when your little one does make an appearance!

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