Thursday, March 4, 2010

Oh Boy a Bunk Bed!

My two wonderful kiddos are enjoying a rite of passage for many siblings: sharing a bunk bed. We spent most of the day on Sunday shopping for the bed and Thursday afternoon when the big furniture truck pulled up in front of the house you would think that Santa Claus himself had just parked his sleigh outside. The kids were overjoyed with excitement. Eddy the furniture delivery guy was their hero.

We did some rearranging in Emily's room to make room for the bunk bed so that the big kids can share her room, freeing up Mason's room for their little brother. A few days ago Daddy put the crib up in Mason's (now the baby's) room. With the big kids tucked into their new shared room for the first time, I'm contemplating the fact that this is the first of many big changes to come in the near future.

Keep your fingers crossed that the first night of the new co-sleeping arrangements goes well for the kids!


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