Saturday, February 20, 2010

Monster Truck Jam

What comes to mind when you think of monster trucks?

Loud, dirty, maybe a little bit redneck... and a fun family outing? That's what it was for us last weekend. Some friends had extra tickets to the Monster Jam event at the Rose Garden so we decided to go check it out.

The kids were excited to see the big trucks race and jump, but it was so incredibly loud that it took some of the fun out of it (for me anyway). We brought earplugs and headphones for the kids so that helped out a bit, although Mason wasn't that keen on keeping the earplugs in.

Emily was cheering and clapping for every event, but her favorite was the quad racing because a girl won! To quote Miss Em, "Girls Rock!"

Just a few tips if you ever happen to go to a Monster Jam like we did: bring earplugs and binoculars and only bring kids over the age of 3. I saw plenty of younger kids but it was so loud that I don't see how they could have enjoyed it.

The Monster Truck Jam was definitely a unique family outing. Here are some pictures of our "monster" good time!

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