Thursday, February 4, 2010

Funny kid quotes

I've been saving up a few funny quotes from Emily and Mason to share. I'd love to hear some other people's  funny kids quotes so please feel free to share in the comments section below. 

Mason and I were in the car on our way to his sports class on Saturday morning and he wanted to tell me a story.

He said, "I want to tell you a really good story, Mama. It's a really good one. I won't even say poop. Really - I won't say poop!"

Well, thank goodness for that! Saying poop can really ruin a story.

Then, on Sunday morning Mike called Mason to come brush his teeth. Mason was playing a computer game (one of his favorite pastimes) and he didn't like being interrupted to do something as annoying as taking care of personal hygiene.

He told Mike in a very serious, grown-up way, "I'm busy, Dada! I'm too busy to brush my teeth right now." When we insisted that we needed to get going he still wouldn't budge. "But I'm busy!"

We convinced him that he needed to brush his teeth so he can stay in the "No Cavity Club" at the dentist's office and he managed to find some time in his busy schedule.

Emily doesn't have quite as many silly sayings now that she's a mature (cough, cough) six year old, but I thought this was a sweet one.

Mike was getting ready to leave to visit some friends and Emily wanted to tell me a secret. She whispered in my ear, "We should  make Daddy some chocolate chip cookies because he works so hard."

Great idea. Chocolate chip cookies for Daddy - and maybe the rest of us can sample a few in the meantime.

Emily is a budding reader and her interest in how to spell words is wonderful. Right after I started up a movie for her the other day, she was asking what some of the letters spell as they flashed up on the screen.

The best one was when she asked, "What does DVD spell?"

They keep me entertained with their witty sayings everyday. I love the way kids are hilarious when they don't even mean to be.

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