Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Am I Nesting?

I just cleaned the refrigerator. At 9:15pm. The gooey grime on the shelves of the fridge have been bugging me for days and I couldn't wait one minute longer. As I got out the sponge, paper towels, cleanser, etc. and took all of the food out of the fridge I wondered: could I be nesting?

There are only 12 days until my due date so I think the answer is yes. Either that or my fridge was just really disgusting.

Maybe I'm just looking for signs that my little guy is ready to make his arrival. It's amazing how quickly the first 9 months of pregnancy can go and how slowly the last few weeks creep by. Every ache and twinge makes me wonder if THIS IS IT. I have to be patient. He will be born. It is inevitable.

If the baby doesn't arrive until his due date one plus is that my house should be really, really clean by then. What random thing should I clean next? My laundry room could use a good once over. The kitchen cabinets need to be scrubbed. Maybe I'll clean out Emily's closet tomorrow.

I just wish that my husband felt the nesting urge too.

After writing this post I saw that the Nourishing Gourmet started a Spring Cleaning Carnival about cleaning out the refrigerator so I had to link up! 

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