Friday, February 12, 2010

Baby shower

I'm such a lucky girl. Some of my dear friends and my mom pitched in to throw me an awesome baby shower to celebrate the newest addition to our family.

When planning a baby shower a few questions come up. Should you have a shower if it's not your first child? Can children attend? Do you serve alcohol? What type of food should be served? What games should you play? Who should you invite?

I wasn't sure about the etiquette of having a baby shower for a third child but my friends said that it was a great excuse to get together and celebrate. Baby showers are a fun tradition and I appreciated spending time with my friends and family, not to mention the wonderful gifts they gave the baby. I had my six-year old daughter come along to enjoy the "girls" day and it was fun to include her.

We had some great food. There were two type of lasagna: traditional meat lasagna and mushroom bechamel lasagna. My friends also made some delicious appetizers and had a nice selection of drinks. They had mimosas and wine and then some non-alcoholic options like punch for the those of us who couldn't drink.

We played a couple of simple games, which is nice because people usually want to just visit with each other rather than play lots of games.

I hope that all of my baby shower guests had as much fun as I did. I appreciated it all so much.

Here are some great websites with ideas and tips for throwing a baby shower:

Some of my favorite activities and games from baby showers that I've attended or planned in the past are:
•Decorating onesies (the host provides plain onesies and fabric paint/decorations),
•Baby photo game (guests bring their own baby picture and everyone tries to guess who is who)
•Dirty diaper game (place mystery foods inside diapers and guests try to figure out what it is)
•Diaper raffle (every guest who brings a package of diapers is entered in a raffle for a gift)

Most of all I would advise not to worry too much about etiquette or tradition. Be creative and just have a blast celebrating a new life with your friends and family.

A special thanks goes out to my mom and girlfriends for throwing my baby shower (I promise this will be the last one!).

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