Tuesday, June 1, 2010

King of the whys

Mason has been rolling out the funniest sayings lately. It must be his age (happy 4th birthday to him last week!) - or just the fact that he's a big goofball. He is definitely in the "why" stage.

We were driving down the highway and he had been asking me questions non-stop for an eternity (okay, 15 minutes but it felt like much longer).

We were crossing a bridge so I asked him if he saw the bridge and the boats, etc. Then he pops off with, "STOP ASKING ME QUESTIONS MAMA!" Okay question man. Like he's one to talk.

Then a few days later we were out on a walk around the neighborhood.

The conversation went something like this: Mason asks about something and when I answer he asks why. I try to explain and then...

"Why?" he asks again.

"Because...(insert some random answer)," I say as I try to think of something that will satisfy his curiosity because saying I don't know does not cut it for this kid.

"Why?" he asks again. Repeat above sequence about three more times.

Then Mason says, "Why, why, why, why! Why do I ask why all the time?"

"Good question, son!" That's the only response I can muster.

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