Friday, June 4, 2010

Homemade Hot Wheels Birthday Cake

My big boy had his 4th birthday recently and he requested a Hot Wheels cake. (Then the day before his birthday he asked for a Spiderman cake but it was too late. Oh well.) 

So I decided to attempt to make and decorate my own cake. I made a two layer vanilla cake with vanilla frosting. 

The only real problem came when I tried to remove one layer from the pan and it stuck. I guess I didn't grease the pan well enough. One corner of the cake crumbled. I had to think I turned that crumbled, sagging corner into a grassy hill. No one even noticed. Score one for me! 

I'd say the cake turned out fine but it was a far cry from looking professional. That's okay though, because all that really mattered to Mason was that he got to blow out the candles and eat tons of frosting.

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