Saturday, July 17, 2010

Snack cupboard for Kids

Maybe all of you brilliant parents out there have already thought of this but it's a new and exciting addition to our household: a SNACK CUPBOARD!

Are you tired of having to stop in the middle of whatever important activity you're doing (laundry, sleeping, emailing, changing a diaper, etc.) to get a snack for your kiddos? Then jump on the snack cupboard bandwagon.

This was suggested to me by a friend and I decided, why not, let's try it out. We cleared out one shelf in a low cupboard and filled it with mom approved snacks. The kids were so excited to be able to help themselves to a snack easily and I was so excited that they were no longer climbing on the kitchen chairs and counters trying to find something to eat in the high kitchen cupboards.

I still like to monitor how many snacks they have and when they eat them (like not right before dinner which is Mason's favorite snack time), but overall the snack cupboard has been a smashing success in our house.

For other snacking ideas see my article Healthy Snack Ideas or my posts about making a Fruit Rainbow and Fruit Smoothies.   

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Posey said...

Oh dear, this is far too much organization for me. lol :)

Cheryl said...

Great idea. And so healthy.

Brenda said...

My kids had a snack cookie jar when growing up. When they got too old for babysitters I would fill the cookie jar with different snacks for the week. Fruit chews, granola bars ect. The rule was if you ate it all in the first two days after school that was it for the week. They learned to be wise in their snack eating habits because they sure hated not having anything to snack on after school later in the week. Yours are too little for that trick yet.

Viki said...

This is a really neat idea. I like that you can monitor what the kids eat instead of having to say no all the time to things you don't want them to eat.

Jo said...

what a great idea!

Nora Johnson said...

Great healthy, fun idea! Gives you so much more control.

Happy Alphabe-Thursday,


PS Mine this week is HERE. Hope you can join me!

Jingle said...

what a celebration,
growing up is fun,
beautiful post.

signed...bkm said...

very cute..healthy is good..very good...bkm

Red Couch Recipes said...

I like the idea of a snack cupboard for when kids are young, but now my teenage son would wipe me out in one day! LOL! Joni

Betty (picture circa 1951) said...

I think that sounds like a very good idea.

Christy said...

We had a snack basket when my kids were younger. I now have fruits and veggies available at all times -(they are much older than yours. Great tip!

Cheryl D. said...

I remember seeing that idea on Super Nanny! What a fabulous idea.


That is a great idea and cheaper than what I have been doing. I have a snack shelf but I buy individually packaged snacks and I think it is too expensive. So, I think I may try this. Thanks for the idea.

Yanet @ 3 Sun Kissed Boys said...

GREAT idea!! I'll have to make one to include breakfast type foods so I can get a few more winks in the AM.

Ron Cooper said...

Like your cupboard idea!

Thanks for following my blog, “Inspire!” Stop by any time!

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Jenny said...

While I think this is a brilliant idea it would never work at our house. Our weiner dog can get anything out of a low cupboard. After quite a few messes I learned that pots and pans go on the bottom and anything edible goes on the top!

One of the Grands "hid" a pack of gum in a lower cupboard this morning and when we came back it was laying, ripped up on the floor. Sigh.

Thanks for making our pot of Alphabet Soup even more tasty with this delicious idea!

Great link!


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